What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is an alloy of pieces of marble, quartz and granite mixed with cement or a pigmented resin. Totally retro look, it goes back to antiquity and reinvests our interiors for decades.

Why choose the Terrazzo?

As a decorative element, it is the ideal material to give your interior a special touch.

This material can be fully adapted to your needs. Generally used for the coating of floors and stairs, you can find it currently on all our surfaces such as the work plan, various furniture and walls.

Having the same characteristics as marble, there are certain contraindications depending on the use and it is essential to maintain it in the most appropriate way possible in order to preserve its longevity.

Do not hesitate to ask our sales representatives for advice in order to find the most suitable stone for your use.


As it is made of cement and marble, it is recommended that it be maintained with the same care as conventional marble. Since marble consists mainly of limestone, it is a very porous material that absorbs stains. It is essential to use products with a neutral pH so as not to eat away at the surface, and acidic products should therefore be avoided.

We recommend soap from Marseille or Black soap for a nourishing cleaning as well as products from the Lithofin range that will best suit your needs.


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