Quartz composite: Unistone

Unistone is a composite material containing 90 per cent natural quartz and is extremely hard, particularly due to the well-known “Breton” technology used in production. The various colours and the hard surface create many decorative possibilities. Unistone is safe for food, antibacterial, acid, stain and scratch resistant.

Unistone is available in slabs of 300 cm by 140 cm. Depending on the desired colour, there are also slices in “jumbo” format (330 cm by 165 cm). You can choose the thickness of the slices: 3 cm, 2 cm or 1.2 cm.

You can choose between three finishes:

  • Polished: The most beautiful colours with a nice sheen. The grains and the structure are given an extra dimension.
  • Letano: a delicately brushed surface accentuates the natural colour of the stone and gives it a feel similar to leather or the skin of an orange.
  • Velluto: a velvety, matte yet glossy finish that is very easy to maintain

Unistone is easy to maintain, low-porosity and durable. It is resistant to most chemicals and stains and is certified for use in kitchens. This makes Unistone ideal for kitchen counters and kitchen islands.

Unistone is also an excellent solution in wet conditions, for example as a wall covering in the shower or in the bathroom. The possibilities inside are endless. Unistone is also, and rightly so, popular for professional use as table tops or in function rooms

  • Kitchen worktop Quartz Unistone Statuario
  • Quartz Unistone Carrara Misterio kitchen worktop
  • Quartz Unistone Calacatta Tuscany kitchen worktop
  • Quartz Unistone Calacatta Tuscany kitchen worktop


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