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Cutting and processing of Belgian bluestone and other natural stones

Carrières de Maffle is a SME of about thirty people operating in the sawing, cutting and shaping of natural stone, mainly Belgian Blue Stone, for the realisation of your construction and renovation projects for the interior or exterior of the building.

We work in 2 production phases in order to provide you with the finished products in the shortest possible time. We also deliver all over Belgium and even internationally.

Let your imagination run wild and share your crazy ideas with us. Our craftsmen’s hands shape the stones according to your wishes!

Whether you are a consumer, a general contractor, a garden contractor, an architect or a merchant of materials, we will supply you with the desired end product in Belgian Blue Stone. We also shape Irish Blue Stone, Tournai Black, many stones from France such as Massangis, Savonnières, Bretigny, Luget, Comblanchien, Euville, Senonville, Beaunotte, Semond,… and of course many marbles, granites and composites.

We transform raw stone into standard and custom-made elements to create tiles, paving stones and pavers for flooring, baseboards, facade elements, mosaics for wall cladding, shelves, shower trays, basins and solid sinks for bathroom elements, worktops, credenzas and central islands for kitchens, Chinese steps, swimming pool coping, palisades, borders, crusted elements for garden design, etc. but also door and window sills, wall and window coverings, stair treads and risers, window sills, … and many decorative elements such as mailboxes, tables, benches and fireplaces in antique style.

A family history

The stone trade is a demanding job that requires these devotees to know the product and to master the tools. It is also a noble, rich and beautiful profession because these stonemasons, true craftsmen, know how to transform raw blocks into magnificent finished products and also restore old stones to their former glory.

The Crombé family, passionate about stone

Since 1898, the Crombé family has had a passion for stone. It wishes to maintain the continuity of the companies in order to be able to continue to pass on its know-how and to keep this profession of master marble cutters alive.

To date, under the watchful eye of 93 years old and representing the 3rd generation, the 4th and 5th generations have been working together for over 17 years. The 6th generation is already underway. So the next generation is well and truly guaranteed!

The Crombé family has divided its activities into two entities: Marbrerie Crombé in Brussels and Carrières de Maffle in Ath.

The term blue gold is more commonly used to represent water, but the Belgian Blue Stone, a noble material with a grey-blue colour, is so beautiful and precious to us that the name blue gold seems to define it perfectly.

Selection of stone

We meticulously select the raw material from the quarries in charge of extraction. We buy it in small blocks called boulders, which we then saw into slices to make finished products.
We also buy raw and surfaced blocks as well as the finishing of paving stones and slabs that we do not produce ourselves. By tradition, we also work with French stone from blocks.

Recycling is a matter of good management

Concerned about the good management of raw materials, Carrières de Maffle sells aged paving stones, Artisanal and BrickAth cleaved rubble, which are “recycled” products made from scraps of paving strips. This reduces waste and avoids sending stones that already have a certain ecological footprint to the recycling centre.

Environmental footprint

Carrières de Maffle is indeed attentive to the environmental footprint. This is why the company works mainly with a local product, Belgian Blue Stone, in its workshop without having to send it to other production centres. It has also equipped the workshop with solar panels and the sawmilling water is filtered in a closed circuit. It also favours the hiring of staff close to the site.

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