A small granite 100% local

The exploitation of the natural stone ‘Belgian Blue Stone®’ is carried out only in Belgium.

The stone-cutting site, Carrières de Maffle, obtains its supplies from Carrières du Hainaut, less than 30 km from its production site. This makes the circuit particularly short and minimises the ecological footprint of production.

Unlike :

  • Asian bluestone whose environmental impact is about 16x higher.
  • The ceramic industry, whose overall environmental impact for production is 60 times greater than the manufacture of blue stone slabs.

A 100% natural and durable material

Belgian Blue Stone® is a living and noble material, offered by nature.

Reusable, it seems to have an unlimited life span. Naturally strong, doesnt bend and it gains in character over the years. Unlike natural stone, ceramic bluestone imitations are less resistant to wear and tear and lose their surface effect over time. Belgian Blue Stone® represents a long-term investment and adds value to a real estate project, whereas imitations are more suitable for temporary projects.

An eco-responsible operation

  • Water management: The water circulates in a closed circuit and is continuously recycled. The sawmill waste comes out in the form of patties and could even be used to make stone paper!Researcher Gunter Pauli has even made a notebook out of the sawdust from Maffle! Our dream would be to be able to recycle our sawmill waste into paper.
  • Renewable energy: Photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the company.
  • Valorisation of production offcuts: Production off-cuts are transformed into products such as aged paving stones or cleaved rubble. The crusted slices are used in garden design projects.
  • Valorisation of sawing scraps: The company Wanty comes to collect sawmill off-cuts that cannot be used for processing to make gravel and granulate … but also as backfill or waterproofing for technical landfills.
  • Local employment: The activity currently generates nearly 30 jobs, most of which are locals.

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