What is marble?

Marble is a natural stone, a material shaped over the centuries by geological processes. This material contains organic lines and the calcareous components vary by type. Each slice is very different and unique. The greatest asset of marble is its fascinating play of colours and veins. Moreover, this homogeneous and compact stone is easy to shape.

“Marble” in marble work and art history refers more broadly to a compact (non-porous and impervious), firm and solid limestone that is difficult to carve (cannot be cut with a toothed saw), and most importantly, can receive a beautiful polish.
Since ancient times, the use of marble has been linked to the art and will of men. It is indeed a rare, heavy, fragile and precious material that only masters know how to work.
“Invented” by ancient Greece and first carved into rigid funerary idols by the Cycladic Civilization, it was then used in massive blocks for prestigious religious architectural achievements (statues of deities, temples, tombs) or political (stadiums) “. Source:

  • Iranian Red Travertine marble worktop
  • Marquina Black Marble Tables
  • Double marble basin
  • Marble shower
  • White Statuary marble table

Why choose marble?

A timeless

Marble is a very popular material today and is used for window sills, floor and wall coverings, panelling, statues, interior stair treads, stylish fireplaces, etc. Carrières de Maffle, through its partner, Marbrerie Crombé, offers the following non-exhaustive range of products. If your choice is for another marble not listed, do not hesitate to ask for it.

Marble is a natural stone that is easy to work with and is often used in construction such as flooring, stairs, fireplaces, window sills, bathtubs and sinks, etc.

This natural stone can be fully adapted to your needs. It can be finished in :

  • polished: the reflective surface has an exceptional shine. The color/structure is reinforced.
  • softened: softening is done by spraying with water and using several series of sanding heads. The grain of the sanding heads determines the desired result. The plain, matte surface has slight light reflections.


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